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  4. Flash Foresight: See The Invisible To Do The Impossible by Daniel Burrus Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible Summary: Flash Foresight: Review and Analysis of Burrus and Mann's Book . author of Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible [PDF]. Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible Book Summary: Flash Foresight offers seven radical principles to transform a business or. FLASH FORESIGHT. How To See The Invisible. And Do The Impossible. DANIEL BURRUS with JOHN DAVID MANN. DANIEL BURRUSis a leading technology.

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Designed by Jaime Putorti. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Burrus, Daniel. Flash foresight: see the invisible to do the impossible: 7 radical. Flash Foresight has already changed how many of the world's largest companies plan and innovate. It's required reading for executives from a growing number. “Flash Foresight: How to See the Invisible and Do the Impossible,” by Daniel Burrus, In a nutshell, Flash Foresight presents seven principles for transforming a.

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Flash Foresight: See The Invisible To Do The Impossible by Daniel Burrus

They set out to solve the wrong problem. As a consumer, where do you spend the bulk of your grocery-downloading time? Chances are good that you spend it trudging through the store, trying to find everything you need.

When they enter a new market, one of the first things MTN does is set up a branch of the MTN Foundation, which provides a huge array of community support services that can range from health and educational initiatives to building small power plants. In the less developed areas, where there is no reliable electricity or none at all , the MTN Foundation puts in small generating stations and an electrical network. You need radio and television, banks and credit cards, personal computers with Internet connectivity—and as it turns out, the humble MTN cell phone can fulfill every one of these functions.

With miniaturization, mobility, networking, and convergence, your cell phone becomes your radio, your high-def television, your computer, and much more. It serves as a multimedia training and educational tool for everyone in your community, from the youngest schoolchildren to seniors.

Skipping Scarcity We are shifting from an economy of scarcity to an economy of abundance. Our economic model of operation has always been predicated on the idea of scarcity because, in a context of material goods, every transaction depletes. If I give you an acre of land, a truckload of lumber, or a barrel of oil, then my own stores are obviously now depleted by that same amount.

But unlike physical resources interestingly, though, much like love , knowledge increases when you share it. This is because of a curious property inherent in all networks.

PPSh - Wikipedia

The industrial age was based on leveraging a scarcity of resources, for example, mining the earth of its limited metals and turning those raw materials into high-margin products. If site gave away the Kindle e-book reader for free, instead of trying to make it an income base, then everyone would be downloading books from site, and they would make far more money.

Poverty and economic inequity are arguably the single greatest driving force behind the spread of fundamentalist terrorism and other forms of radicalized violence around the globe. Weighing approximately 12 pounds 5. It is a durable, low-maintenance weapon made of low-cost, easily obtained components, primarily stamped sheet metal and wood. The final production PPShs have top ejection and an L type rear sight that can be adjusted for ranges of and meters.

A crude compensator is built into the barrel jacket, intended to reduce muzzle climb during automatic fire. The compensator was moderately successful in this respect, but it greatly increased the muzzle flash and report of the weapon.

The PPSh also has a hinged receiver to facilitate field-stripping and cleaning the weapon. A chrome-lined bore enables the PPSh to withstand both corrosive ammunition and long intervals between cleaning. No forward grip or forearm was provided, and the operator generally has to grasp the weapon behind the drum magazine with the supporting hand, or else hold the lower edge of the drum magazine.

How Can Wholesalers Profit From Advisor Uncertainty? – Daniel Burrus

Though round curved box magazines were available from , the average Soviet infantryman in World War II carried the PPSh with the original round drum magazine. The less powerful 9mm round generally reduces the cyclic rate of fire down to to RPM. Modern aftermarket conversion kits based on the original Wehrmacht one also exist using a variety of magazines, including Sten mags.

If drum magazines were mixed and used with different serial numbered PPSh, a loose fitting could result in poor retention and failure to feed.

Flash Foresight: See The Invisible To Do The Impossible by Daniel Burrus

The Soviet Union also experimented with the PPSh in a close air support antipersonnel role , mounting dozens of the submachine guns in forward fuselage racks on the Tu-2sh variant of the Tupolev Tu-2 bomber. The Soviets would often equip platoons and sometimes entire companies with the weapon, giving them excellent short-range firepower.

The weapon was widely used during the Korean War. Some U. M1 Garand and M1 carbine , it provided more firepower at short distances. In situations like that it outclassed and outgunned what we had.

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